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In the Autumn of 2002, three top professionals (each with many years of experience in communications and network testing) met to discuss current changes in the network testing industry and to share their experiences in this market. Their discussions highlighted one situation they had all encountered on a regular basis. Many corporations and government bodies desperately needed to independently test their data communications networks, but were unable to do so. This was often due to internal policies, budget restrictions or just a plain lack of engineering resources required for this fast changing technology market. It was clear to these three business professionals that this situation created a unique but sizeable opportunity. A short time afterwards "Professional Network Testing Services" in the form of ComMetrics was founded, in a bid to change the way this industry conducts its business with its clients.

Today, ComMetrics expertise in testing processes and project management attracts the interest of many clients and consultancy partners alike. Yet, ComMetrics has always maintained its independence from hardware vendors, service providers and resellers. This enables ComMetrics to make unique service offerings to its clients, to provide a truly "unbiased view" to the technical situation in hand. ComMetrics has the full test capabilities to encompass all 7 layers of the OSI model across virtually any network type or topology. ComMetrics offers national project coverage and representation, while its main NSW office is located in the heart of North Ryde's Research and Development Park where it can keep abreast of this ever changing industry.

Mission Statement

Provide our clients with cost effective, high quality, value added network testing and assurance services.

Our Vision

Continue to develop and provide our innovative solutions that challenge the norm, through professional services and related state of the art products.
Last Updated ( Monday, 10 July 2006 )